Sunday, August 24, 2014


Earthquake this morning!  A town near us, American Canyon, was hit by a 6.1 quake this morning at 3:20 AM.  
I almost slept through it!  I was deep, super deep asleep and I woke to my husband shaking me awake.  Then I noticed that the bed was shaking wildly.  It went on for a while, and when it was done, the dogs were barking and the kitty wanted me to feed her.  Stress, y'know.

Vallejo was pretty lucky. Windows smashed in businesses, and chimneys falling in the old houses, but no major tragedies.  
I fell back asleep after an hour.  Just an earthquake.  No big.  :-)

On a happier note: here's a pic of the finished cross earrings: 

Spoken for and on their way to a good home this week. 
Hoping for a bit less excitement this week.
Hope for the same for you~

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HappyDayArt! said...

Yeah, I felt it and went back to sleep. A non-event in Petaluma. I feel lucky.