Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reverent Cross Earrings

Finished these earrings last night and posted 'em on Etsy.

I sawed the crosses out a couple of months ago, and set them aside on my bench.  Other projects, life, etc. kept getting in the way, and they kept calling to me to finish them! 
I love crosses.  I love the symbolism of my Savior and His grace.  And I love jewelry that looks rough-hewn and old.  Here you go~

BUSY great time in the Kerr household.  New grandson Logan:
That's my son, the father of my little grandson.  His wife is a wonderful gal and a great mommy.  Logan was born on Thanksgiving and is growing sooooo fast.  He's also quite mellow, which is an experience for me, as both of my babies were colic-y. 
I've been privileged to change two of his messy DH always bows out quickly when that happens~hahahaa!  

Our goddaughter is due with a little girl baby in March and my husband's eldest daughter is having a little boy in May.  Population explosion!  
We are so blessed.  

May your week be filled with blessings and remembrances of Advent, the time of waiting for our Savior's birth!  And is anyone else amazed at how fast 2013 has sped by?   
Hugs all!

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