Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gilder's Paste Baby Steps

Gilder's Paste!  I'd been longing to play with it, and was lucky enough to participate in a bulk buy with one of my Jewelry Artist Network friends. I got 10 small containers of the paste, assorted colors. 

I found that it is quite smelly and very messy.  After experimenting on a few etched pieces of metal, I applied the Bronze Gilder's paste to this etched copper piece I had hanging around the bench.  I used a toothpick and wore my magnifying glasses so that I wouldn't smear it everywhere!
I haven't sprayed any sealer on this piece, and I will wear it a lot and see how durable the paste is.  

Experiments, Baby steps~~Bliss!

Have a blessed week all!


Julie Panusis said...

Beautiful piece by a beautiful lady. Love your work.

Denise said...

I did not understand a word of that but I do not have too!!!!!!!!! It is just so pretty.. You are just good... and I love looking at your creations...... I have my mojo back and back in the blog! I have missed it sooooooooooo much and missed all the gals!

Sending hugs from Oklahoma..

Denise said...

Hey girl, thanks for the sweet note.. Yes yes, I am out of the darkness and moving toward lots of tomorrows and digging in the dirt! What a journey that I would not wish on anyone but the Father God stayed so close and has restored my joy of life.. I so love my blog friends... I will be back often!