Saturday, January 5, 2013

ICE resin pendant "Worry about nothing, pray about everything"

New year.  New challenges.  The desire for greater peace & joy.  Knowing that if I can increase that for myself, I can share it with others.  This little pendant is for me.

Side view.

And the back.  Words are powerful.  I will focus on words of trust and encouragement.

It's crazy busy right now.  Has been for a month!   Good busy.  Full of family, jewelry projects and an article I hope to publish.  :-)  
May your New Year be a year of hope.  A year of greater calm & peace.  I pray that for you my friends!


Trinket Junkie said...

This is so beautiful I love it! So nice to see you using your god given gifts to honor the the Lord :) God Bless you!

Trinket Junkie said...

This is breathtaking! So nice to see you using your God given gifts to honor the Lord. God Bless you :)

Susan said...

I would love to buy a necklace like this one - 'worry about nothing...' I can't seem to find it for sale. Help! AKsusan

Susan said...

Where can I find a necklace like this - 'worry about nothing...' to purchase?

Chris said...

Hello dear Susan~ This pendant was a one-of-a-kind design I was goofing around with a while back. It now lives with a dear friend. I'm sorry I can't be any more help. I sure do appreciate your kindness about this piece. Chris