Saturday, December 1, 2012

ICE Resin "Look at the Big Picture" Faith Pendant

 Made a pendant for myself.  I'm playing with little copper boxes that I fold from thin-gauge metal and fill with resin, and I always make the "experiments" for myself.  I'm the guinea pig here~~
I'm also reminding myself to stop a second, in the midst of the daily stresses, and remember what I believe, what is truly important.  To remember Who I trust.  

 The back~

The side~

It's a rainy December 1 here in Northern California.  My DH is watching "The Santa Clause" and the orange kitty just stopped walking over my keyboard and rubbing against my hand as I try to use my mouse. :-)

May you all have a lovely day~It's Advent time!


Julie Panusis said...

Love the pendant. The mixed metals and wonderful and the turquoise sets everything off. The back is great. You have done it again. I am doing resin ornaments today.

We are trying to get everything done before the big storm hits tomorrow. Then we are going to make out cards and decorate the tree and bake. It is nice to have a fire and do these things.

Serena Reggiani said...

I love your art! This pendant is fascinating!