Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bliss~New Jewelry Books!

My DH and I shopped a bit today, looking for a new table lamp for the living room.  Something pretty, not too tall, light-colored and very sturdy so our doggies can't knock it over.  We looked for hours.  No luck.  I had a specific shabby-chic, cream-cracked-porcelain-with-faded-flowers idea in my brain.  NEVER shop with a specific idea.  You'll get frustrated and tired. :-)
We also stopped at Barnes & Noble....ahhhh a bookstore!  Two new jewelry books for me and I'm in heaven.  Book heaven~~the best!  I'll peruse them in the next few days.  I love reading about new techniques, savoring pictures and words of inspiration.  Yum!

May your new week bring smiles and gratitude~~

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Julie Panusis said...

I too love books. I have Necklaceology and plan to get Tom's book too. Or maybe I will get the DVD. That way I can play it and not have to read. Talk about lazy. LOL