Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goof Off Pendant

Lovely warm Saturday in Vallejo.  I'm "bach-ing" it , with my sweet DH down in Bakersfield.  Working on jewelry, goofing off.  Made this smoky quartz, brass, turquoise, copper & silk pendant for myself.  Maybe I should call it my "Goofing Off" Pendant~~ :-)
Must sweep up dog fur today, clear clutter, do laundry AND work on resin pendants.  And MUST smile at myself in the mirror, dance a bit while drinking my water, talk to the kitties and thank God for my blessed life.  I'm so grateful that I live in the United States of America.  I'm so grateful that my grandparents immigrated from Czechoslovakia and Poland so many years ago, bravely starting new lives.  Blessed indeed.

May your weekend be truly good.  Filled with all that enters your heart with quiet joy~~


Esther said...

beautiful pendant !! you are right to dance and be happy!

Denise said...

What a sweet post...... beautiful goof off pendant and well deserving. I too am so thankful even if it is toooooooooo HOT.. but the Father God is in control and HE will bring rain just in time..

Have a happy and safe 4th.. We are going to sit around the pool and eat hotdogs....... that is all!

Bear Chick said...

Sometimes we just have to make something for ourselves!

Lovely sentiment about your family--mine came from Italy and England/Canada. We are lucky to be here!

Happy Fourth!