Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Earrings

Happy birthday Bertha,


& Aubrey!
I'm lucky to have a wonderful family~~
Hope your weekend was as full of love as mine was.  We visited my little brother's ranch near Bakersfield, along with my other brothers and sister and kids and spouses, Mom and Dad and more.  It was jolly, noisy, luminous and blessed.
May your new week shine!


diane cook said...

Oh, these are so scrumptious! You are quite the earring maker and I know all three of them will be tickled pink to receive them.
I bet you had a wonderful day of tun with your big family! How beautiful!!

Judy said...

Beautiful earrings!

Beatnheart said...

Luv em all. Lucky family! great work Chris.

stacie said...

Oh, it sounds like you had a blast! And you have been so busy too! Beautiful has been a while since an update...glad to see you back here!!!!

urbandon (Don Pezzano) said...

These are lovely! All the best.