Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back to reality, but here's a few pics!

Here is our summer house in Santander, Spain. Rather unassuming and small, but we call it "home".
Here we are waving on the steps of our cottage. I'm the one in the green with the haughty expression on my face. When you are better than others, it just shows..(lol!!!!!)
Segovia! Can you believe this castle??? This really looks like something out of a movie~~~
And this post wouldn't be complete without a pic of the largest plasma TV in the world. My husband saw this at the department store "Corte Ingles" in Alcala de Henares. He's in love and asked if we could buy it...oh yes....that's so happening....

Love to you all and may your Friday be smoothly wonderful~~God bless you!


Denise said...

Love the pics and it seems to me that you are having a WONDERFUL !!! time........ Be safe and looking forward to more pictures...... Be safe,,,, come home safe!


Fanciful Expressions said...

Hey,wait a minute!!! That's my house!
And my T.V.!!!! Or, maybe not..;0)
It sure looks like you're having a good time. Can't wait to see more pictures.
Anyway, I'd rather have a smaller castle...too many floors to wash in that one.


diane said...

I can't wait to hear and see more about your wonderfull trip to Spain! The castle pictures are awesome....I have never been in a castle!
Glad you are safely home my friend =)

Angie said...

I am SO GLAD you are home!

YEAH! Looks like you had a wonderful time :)

So---can I come stay in your summer cottage when you aren't using it???

Swati said...

I'd love to stay in your summer cottage too! Yes, it is rather small, but its cozy. LOL!!! Enjoying your pictures from your vacation Chris!

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Shoecrazy said...

Party at the Kerr house!!! Can't wait to her all of the details!!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Looks like a stunning place to visit! Leave it to a man to want a TV on vacation! LOL

Stacie said...

Wow...looks like you all had a blast...I am so glad it was wonderful!

Denise said...

WELCOME HOME......... I am a goober! Glad you had a great time and so glad you are home safe!

Denise said...

Just checking in on you...I have been gone for a few weeks...... Sure missed all my friend! Have you got come back to earth after being in Spain! What a wonderful trip !

Denise said...

Just checking in ! I have been working hard in my back yard.. come on by and stroll through my world!

Bear Chick said...

Hi Chris--

Miss your posts! Are you still having problems with your wrist or are you just busy? Hope all is well!


Denise said...

Wonder WHERE you are...... You are loved and missed!