Thursday, December 11, 2008

Clarity and Wisdom~

Clarity and Wisdom...don't we all wish for these qualities? This necklace was inspired by my friend Kate, who attends my Bible study group. When we present our prayer requests to our friends, she frequently asks for clarity and wisdom.

I was going to take this necklace to Studio 41 to sell. Kate purchased it for herself. What a blessing! When friends wear your jewelry it is so meaningful.

See the new letter stamps from Beaducation? Way cool.

Have a blessed weekend, friends. May the Christmas preparations be manageable!


diane cook said...

New stamps~I love the font! I must put these on my wish list~ This necklace is so gorgeous Chris....And, you will get to see it all the time now that a dear friend bought it. Yes it is so special when a friend buys your work, and loves it....doesn't get much better =)

Bear Chick said...

Hi Chris--Beautiful necklace! The Husband and I are just getting into metal stamping and I do admire that new font.

Hope your holidays are "managable", too. That made me giggle.

kansasrose said...

I love these Chris! Lots of wow factor. The bright colors and beads and the new stamps! These really ROCK! You must be so pleased to see your jewelry loved and worn by friends. Have a blessed weekend. :)

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Gorgeous, and I love the it's reversible! More bang for the buck. Don't you just love the new stamps?! I think they're awesome!