Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Facts Post

Sue, my dear friend from work, has posted on her blog for me to divulge seven random facts about myself. OK, everyone go to sleep right now!! I am so not exciting.

1. I'm half Polish (my Mom) and half Czech (my Dad).

2. I hate corn on the cob.

3. I talk to myself frequently. And answer myself. But I never argue with myself!

4. I'm a faithful flosser. ( I told you I'm way way boring!)

5. I weight train and my biceps are pretty durn impressive for a 51-year-old bookworm.

6. I'm proficient in building a fire in our woodstove.

7. I can make my dogs do almost anything for peanut butter spread on dog biscuits.

Now that was SOOOO fascinating! You may all wake up now and promise me you will have a great weekend. OK?


Angie said...

You are also forgot to mention that....and kind....and loyal to your family and friends...and a good listener...and you have an amazing talent for seeing beauty in the discarded pieces of jewelry...and you can refashion them into something extraordinary! There's lots more I could add---and I am sure that if I had the honor of living near enough for coffee every now and again---I could add "great coffee maker"!

The Christmas tree is Aimees.....:( not mine. Although, I did help her decorate it a bit...we spent LAST Saturday doing her house for Christmas---she will come and return the favor this weekend. (Or at least she is supposed to!)

Have a BLESSED week and Thanksgiving Holiday!

Angie said...

You know....thinking about it...God sees beauty in the discarded....there is a whole blog right there!

Chris said...

You bless me with your loving comments! Thank you so for being my friend and inspiration. You encourage me, love me and help me draw closer to Him!

kansasrose said...

I agree with Angie...You have such a good,loving heart. Loyalty is a have that down. I've been blessed by your friendship and good words and works the past year. You are my kinda people! I love what you do with the gifts the Lord has given you...the jewelry. I wish we lived closer...Have a blessed, fun Thanksgiving holiday! xxxooo

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

You are NOT boring! The world would be a much better place if it had more people like you in it.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Luv ya~

Shoecrazy said...

Un-American to hate corn on the cob, but I guess it just leads to more flossing so I can see the conflict. I have seen you argue with yourself, not a good sight LOL! This explains the biceps, I will mind my manners around you from now on! You are a good sport and one of my favorites!

diane cook said...

Oh, what a fun photo! Your random facts were a hoot to read~and remind me to never get in an arm wrestling match with you~LOL.

kansasrose said...

OH..I wanted to say...Corn on the cob??? Oh hon, ya don't know what your missin'!! You need some homegrown kansas corn on the cob, melted herb butter. You are so hilarious... NEVER ever boring hon! You are so much fun, witty and SMART! I envy your upper bi's girl...mine jiggle so much they would slap me silly in the face on a windy day if I raised my arms! And boy do we have wind here. :Oyikes!