Sunday, December 9, 2007

Advent Sunday

Ahh today was a wonderful service at Community Presbyterian. Our favorite part: Children's time. Seven little boys sat around Pastor Jon and answered his questions about John the Baptist. One young man noted that John the Baptist must have smelled badly, as he lived in the wilderness and wore camel's hair.

Another young man argued theology with Pastor Jon and wanted to specify that if "repent" meant to turn 180 degrees from your current behaviour, that John the Baptist could have had a confusing message by proclaiming "Repent!". The boy maintained that if you were already living a sin-free life, if you turned 180 degrees from it you'd have to become a bad person. Pastor Jon noted that no one lives a perfect sin-free life, so John the Baptist's exhortations would have still fit everyone....whew! These are elementary kids, folks! And they are really thinking about the message. Amazin'!

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